Posted on - 30 December 2023

Emerging Technologies in Automotive Sector

The automotive industry which is over hundred years old has ever since been working hands-on with emerging technologies for delivering safest, advanced and most comfortable vehicles to it users.

Today, the industry is adopting new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and more, are is exploring their applications in the automotive sector. With the accelerated digitization of the world, the automotive industry evolve faster in the coming years. Mentioned below are some ways technology is changing the automotive industry:

Digital marketing and sales

The COVID-19 outbreak made us give up many habits but also gave rise to new trends. Automotive companies have moved towards providing a digital platform, which makes way for an immersive and seamless digital experience using virtual and augmented reality.

Online sales of automotive vehicles have already been implemented by large automobile institutes to provide their customers with a superior experience of buying and selling cars. But it came to effect during the coronavirus pandemic. It will definitely minimize physical interactions. It includes the usage of VR (Virtual Reality), IoT (Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality) to implement the latest technologies including the use of multi-hybrid cloud network architectures.

In May 2020, Nissan introduced its digital sales initiatives in India to promote customer engagement through online platforms and minimize physical interactions. ‘Nissan Virtual Showroom’ allows customers to take a 360-degree tour of the brand’s vehicles and explore their features. Users can take a walk around of the exteriors also have a look inside the vehicles’ cabins.

Many automobile companies provide a digital experience of their products with the use of AR or VR. For example, Honda Cars launched their virtual showroom which allows customers to interact with the digital version of a car by clicking on various parts.

Raghu Sekhar Kesani

MG Motor India opened its Digital Studio with no car on display in Bengaluru. Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, India Yamaha Motor has launched an online sales platform in India to drive more sales. Recently, Hero MotoCorp has started a virtual showroom for its scooters and bikes in India.

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